MMRroundWelcome to Modern Mouse Radio! A multimedia Disney fan site. At least that’s what we like to call it!

I started Modern Mouse Radio as a small blog under a different name in September 2011. It was mostly to fulfill my own excitement about Disney. A few blog posts a month as well as a writing stint at Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio site got me started. From there the passion grew and the site eventually kicked into Millennium Falcon Hyperspeed. In September 2012, after a year of constant blog posts, I decided it was time to go big or go home. That’s when I started Modern Mouse Radio, the show, and it quickly became a staple of the site, changing it’s name and identity along with it.

As we’ve grown, we’ve added great new content to the site from different media assets. Video, audio, and written pieces get uploaded multiple times a week. The tone of the site has changed as well. Once a dry factual space online, now a witty, funny, creative, and younger site for Disney fans to identify with. We can’t thank our audience enough as the site always continues to grow and change with our own approach as well as what we feel our audience likes and dislikes about the site.

If you are a first time visitor, feel free to check out every nook and cranny. There is quite a bit of content on the site. Be sure to come back every week because we are always adding new videos, articles, and radio shows, and live streaming shows. Who knows what’s next? We don’t even know, but we will used every form of media we can get our hands on to bring you cool, exciting, and fun Disney related content.

Josh Taylor
Owner and Operator of http://www.ModernMouseRadio.com


Staff Bios:

Josh Taylor – @ModernMouseJosh

Josh Taylor - Owner/Operator of Modern Mouse Radio

Josh Taylor – Owner/Operator of Modern Mouse Radio

Josh is a dreamer AND a do-er! Seriously, he wanted to run his own Disney fan website and did it! Successfully! Josh maintains the site daily, plus writes a weekly, often humorous, Top 5 article and a “The Whole Picture” article every other week, where he tells us all about the history and interesting facts you might not have known about every Disney movie ever made, starting with #1 and working up! Josh lives in Littleton, CO, is a professional barista, and it his spare time he likes playing and writing music, taking his dog Flip for walks, spending time chatting on Twitter, and planning his Disney trip even if he doesn’t technically have one coming up! And I know it sounds like it, but no, this is not his dating profile, sorry ladies, he’s taken!

Keith Lapinig – @KeithLapinig

Keith Lapinig

Keith Lapinig

Co-host to the Modern Mouse Radio podcast and weekly contributor to the site with his videos, whether it be from his latest Disney Vacation, Disney Trivia, or fun interactions with puppets! He really just wants to live the dream, the DISNEY dream to be exact, and, well, he kind of is with his Disney/Celebration themed buttons, vinymation designs, website, multiple Disney Vacations a year, artwork, film and videos, and job! He believes his life has been an adventure, and every step towards his dreams is just another wonderful part of the journey! See what he has over at his websitewww.KeithLapinig.com (he’s always doing free giveaway contests with his buttons!) All opinions and statements on Modern Mouse Radio are his own, and do not reflect the opinions of the Walt Disney Company. Oh, and he never wants you to forget: Beast’s name is not Adam.

Angie Carreiro – @AngieCarreiro


Angie Carreiro


Angie loves the Haunted Mansion, her dog Flip, and Josh. And that’s all we really know about her. Her blog posts just showed up here on the site one day and we couldn’t figure out where they came from or how to get rid of them, so we just kept them on the site. Angie, if that’s even her REAL name, writes a Disney Trip Planning Blog and just started hijacking all kinds of other things like artwork, videos, news shows, and some behind the scenes things. Having her around has sort of grown on us, and we kind of like her, so we’ll probably keep her around at least for a while!

Alexia Christensen – @AlexiaDIFAgent

Alexia Christensen

Alexia Christensen

Alexia Christensen’s love of Disney began at a young age. Like most young girls, she dreamed of being a princess someday. As a matter of fact, as a young girl, she would often offer to clean the floors for her parents so she could reenact the “Sing Sweet Nightingale” scene from Cinderella.  Now that she’ll all grown up, she shares her love of Disney with her stepdaughter and daughter, and relives her princess dreams through their eyes.  She loves to come up with new creative ways to keep the Disney magic alive in her home between trips to the happiest place on Earth.  After six years in retail management, Alexia has taken her passion for Disney by sharing her knowledge of Disney with others as a travel agent with Destinations in Florida.

  1. So glad I found your blog! I love Disney, born and raised in Central Florida but 2 years ago I moved to TN. I miss Disney :( So it’s so good to dig through your page and get myself psyched for my next trip to Disney! Have a great day!

  2. Thank you for liking my “See You Real Soon” posting. Glad to know I have a blog to go to for a bit of the mouse!

  3. Great site! I’m a huge Disney fan too!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog which led me to yours! We are HUGE Disney fans and even got married there. My dream is to one day be one of their entertainment attorneys. Great job on your site; I look forward to reading!

  5. Great blog, guys! I’m a huge Disney fan and I like how varied your site is. I’ve nominated you for a sunshine award. http://drewreviewmovies.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/a-gift-from-cara-the-sunshine-award/

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